Eleanor Harry

Managing Director

Eleanor started HACE in February 2020. After submitting her thesis on ‘Social Responsibility of Child Labour in the Fashion Supply Chain’ in 2013, Ele ...

Sophia Iosue

Deputy Director

Sophia has experience at the intersection of international development, supply chains and social science research. She completed her MSc in Migration ...

Elizabeth Burroughs

Head of Data

Beth’s academic background is in Biology, during which she produced a thesis detailing the gender disparities in STEM subjects. As a result of her the ...

Djalila Ben-Bouchta

Country Manager, Tanzania

Djalila is a renewable energy professional with a background in social & political science entailing 3+ years of work experience in international ...

Devyani Nighoskar

Country Manager, India

Devyani Nighoskar is an Independent Journalist and Social Researcher currently based out of Northern India. Reporting on culture, development, identit ...

Aniekan Johnson

Country Manager, Nigeria

Aniekan has over ten years’ experience in research and development. He holds a Master’s degree and is currently a graduate student at the University o ...
Working with HACE has been an interesting and an enriching experience so far. I have not just come to realise the power of data but also understood how issues such as child labour can be approached intersectionally. I have become more critical of the data I consume, unafraid to probe it further and address its biases. This has been possible not just because of my job profile at HACE, but my wonderful colleagues and reporting managers who have been warm and encouraging. The working environment is very organised with regular training sessions. I am enjoying getting to learn so many new things whilst also making a social impact.

Devyani Nighoskar
Social Scientist, India


Carolina Chávez Ruelas

Social Statistician

Carolina believes in data for social good and seeks to address social issues through quantitative methodologies. Academically, she holds a master ...

Gabriel ChiChi

Data Scientist, Nigeria

Gabriel holds a master’s degree in Data science from Coventry University; his thesis was focused on computer vision, where he utilized neural networks ...

Andy Lau

Lead Data Scientist, Tanzania

Andy’s background is data analysis having worked in Banking and currently Automotive Finance Software Solutions. Fascinated in all things data, he reg ...

Patrick Savoie

Senior Data Analyst

Patrick completed his MSc in Social Data Science at the University of Oxford. He previously worked as a Data Scientist in East Africa for 18 months as ...
Working with HACE has been extremely fulfilling for me. I get to work on projects that challenge me and give me an opportunity to apply and improve my skills. It has also given me an opportunity to connect, work with and learn from extremely talented individuals from around the world. I know very well that the work we do at HACE positively impacts human lives globally and I sleep well at night knowing I am a part of the force that affects tremendous positive change.

Gabriel ChiChi
Data Scientist, Nigeria


Maegan Rodricks

Data Researcher, Tanzania

What initially compelled Maegan toward this field is her undergraduate dissertation about Anti-Human Trafficking Projects in Pacific Asia. While pursu ...

Ayan Issa

Data Researcher, Tanzania

Ayan graduated in July 2020 with a BSc in Economics. Her undergraduate dissertation focused on the economic impacts of female immigration on the US la ...

Anahad Kaur

Senior Social Data Researcher

Anahad bears a keen interest towards security concerns with a specific focus on the geopolitics of South Asia. Anahad has just completed her Master’s ...

Kafia Noor

Data Researcher, Nigeria

Kafia earnt her master’s degree in International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS, University of London. After graduating she entered the world of develo ...

Anca Postolache

Senior Technical Data Researcher

Anca has a degree in Psychology and Criminology and she has completed her MSc in Neuroscience at King’s College London. She has previous experie ...

Sahil Varma

Associate Data Researcher

Sahil is an electronics and communication engineer with experience using various data analytics tools. He has previously worked with organizations suc ...
Working at HACE has provided me with the opportunity to pursue my passion for writing and to continue raising awareness on neglected issues, such as child labour. Learning about HACE has deepened my knowledge on the importance of data science and its use to impact the fight against child labour.

Shreshtha Modi
Junior Data Scientist and Statistician, Bangladesh


Saidah Abdullhaqq

Digital Marketing Consultant

Saidah is a 15-year veteran of the digital marketing world and advocate for using data insights to improve lives. Her combination of digital architect ...
Working at HACE has been an educational experience. It is inspiring to see so many bright and diverse minds come together for a worthy cause and in such a great environment. The leadership at HACE is amazing and I look forward to where it takes us in the future.

Andy Lau
Lead Data Scientist, Tanzania

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