HACE to impact the fight against child labour

What is HACE?

We are a team that believes in a future without child labour. HACE is a data company with a mission to drive sustainable and impactful change for child labourers internationally by providing cross-sectoral analyses for both private and public sectors.

HACE provides recommendations for how these organisations can better allocate their resources to address the fundamental drivers of child labour, using a unique and innovative mix of Data Science, AI and Social Science.

We aim to address child labour’s vicious cycle, exponentially benefitting the future workforce. HACE ensures our analyses are verified from an ethical standpoint, benefiting from the extensive local knowledge of our team, many of whom live in the countries their work focuses on, and from our partners on the ground.

Data changing child labour 

Data is key to understanding and solving the issue of child labour. Historically, companies and organisations could only rely on the global estimates produced every four years by the International Labour Organisation, or by collecting their own data.

Creating the global estimates involves collecting data through household-based surveys, but countries included in the report remain unknown due to the continent-level focus of the study. As sample sizes are small and often unknown, data collection and analysis are complex and flawed, meaning the data is not as impactful as it could be to help organisations address child labour.

HACE uses a more detailed approach by providing insight into both existing secondary data and predicting future data to establish customised recommendations for clients. By analysing the interrelation of factors at a regional- and industry-levels through data science techniques, HACE can identify the most influential factors driving a child to enter labour in a particular context. 

Our team has developed an innovative and effortless database that clients can use to access the data they need. Each client has a customised dashboard with the data relevant to their supply chain, meaning decision-makers can implement targeted policies and effectively allocate resources to prevent the negative impact of child labour on all stakeholders.

2021: International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour

The UN has declared 2021  as the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, and the HACE team is thrilled to announce that we will be launching our new website next month. 

We will share news and progress on the issue of child labour. Our platform also offers the ability for our audience to access certified training sessions to expand their understanding of child labour, why it occurs and how it affects the lives of children around the world. 

The more people willing to engage in this critical cause, the closer we are to sustain a future where children have the right to a normal life. 

Stay tuned! For more news to come on the release date of our newly improved website and updates on our actions to impact the fight against child labour.